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What Is The Libyan Political Agreement

Beyond all the controversy on this issue, there is a consensus that, in order to become law, the APA must be properly regulated by law, let alone that it must become an amended fundamental law of the constitutional declaration. Several other factors contributed to the perception that an agreement was needed quickly. One of them was concern about the expansion of IS in Libya, especially after the Paris attacks in November. Some [fn]Crisis Group e-mail exchange, senior UN official, December 2015. A similar fear was that if the opportunity not to seize Daesh continued to attract international attention, anti-IS operations would refocus on Syria and Iraq and the momentum of action in Libya would be lost. Interview with the crisis group, senior UNSMIL official, Brussels, December 2015.Unity states felt that a unity government was essential to coordinate a military response to the conquest of territory in central Lebanon and elsewhere by ISIS. In early 2016, U.S. officials estimated that there were between 4,000 and 6,000 IS supporters in Libya, mainly in Sirte, but also in Benghazi, Derna and Sabratha. [fn]”U.S. general: number of ISIS fighters in Libya doubles,” CNN, April 8, 2016.Hide Footnote Explaining the rationale for moving forward with the Skhirat agreement, a senior U.S.

official said: The accusation was not all unfounded: Skhirat focused on getting around the “Haftar problem.” Several prominent participants saw him as a major obstacle. [fn] Crisis Group interviews, Western diplomats, Skhirat, November 2015. “We know we have a problem in the East, but how do we solve it? We know that haftar is not on board, but how can we convince him to join the agreement?┬áInterview with Crisis Group, U.S. official, Washington, March 2016. For several weeks in January, Haftar with the support of the agreement (and allowed an Akolyth, Ali al-Qatrani, to join the presidency of the Council). The flirtation was short-lived: although his rhetoric, after the signing of the agreement, insinuated support for the condition of HoR`s support, his subsequent speeches hinted at ambiguity. In an interview with an Egyptian newspaper, he warned that he “will not stand idly by to see if the political process leads to the abyss.” Al-Ahram, April 6, 2016.Hide Footnote The main provision of the security sector for the presidency of the Council to become the commander-in-chief of the armed forces was requested by the general`s enemies, who accused him of a indiscriminate war against Islamists of all stripes, not just against the jihadists, and of a coup d`etat for the return of the former regime. [fn] Some Western politicians, such as Abderrahman Swehli, have said that Article 8 does not sufficiently guarantee certain “revolutionary forces” that Haftar would be sidelined, as this would be left to the Prime Minister-designate and his deputies.

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